The 100 Facet New Century Diamond

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The beauty of a Diamond is determined to some degree by its purity and color. However, fine proportion and polish by a master cutter ultimately unveil the finest possible brilliance.
100 Facet New Century Diamond
New York has long been the source of the world's most beautiful diamonds. In 1995, at the request of Michael Parker, the first New Century Diamond was cut by Isaac Rosenberg, a respected Manhattan Diamantair.

Today, computers can measure the actual brilliance of each cut under various light sources. When compared to the traditional 58 facet diamond, the New Century exhibits dramatic improvements in light return from the depths of each gem, color, dispersion, and the scintillating sparkle we treasure.

Before purchasing your diamond, come in to Michael's Fine Jewelry or Island Legacy to see the dramatic difference in brilliance the 100 facet New Century Diamond displays over the traditional 58 facet diamond.

Capture the sun with the 100 facet New Century Diamond
"Diamonds as Beautiful as Hawaii"

U.S. Patent #414133 September 1999    Registered to Michael Parker, Hawaii

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