The 100 Facet New Century Diamond

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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Century Diamond
Q1 Why should I buy a New Century Diamond?
  Because of it's unique 100 facet pattern, the New Century Diamond simply gives you more brilliance and sparkle. You will see by direct comparison with a traditional diamond, that the New Century Diamond exhibits superior brilliance.
Q2 Does the New Century Diamond cost more than traditional diamonds?
  No, the New Century Diamonds are often less costly than traditional diamonds because they are obtained direct from one of New York's most respected diamond cutters.
Q3 Is the New Century Diamond only available in round shapes?
  No, we recently developed a 100 facet square diamond which is called the New Century Star. At this time, this new diamond has a very limited production.
Q4 Can I buy a New Century Diamond any place else?
  No. The New Century Diamond was developed by our company and was given a U.S. patent in 1999. These diamonds are only available in Hawaii through our stores.
Q5 Does your diamond have international recognition?
  Yes, the 3 major Gemological Laboratories are GIA, EGL, and IGI. All 3 recognize this pattern as a breakthrough development.

Capture the sun with the 100 facet New Century Diamond

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dramatic difference in brilliance the 100 facet New Century Diamond displays over the traditional 58 facet diamond.

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