The 100 Facet New Century Diamond

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Capture the sun with the 100 facet New Century Diamond

Before purchasing your diamond, come in to Michael's Fine Jewelry or Island Legacy to see the
dramatic difference in brilliance the 100 facet New Century Diamond displays over the traditional 58 facet diamond.

100 Facet New Century Diamond

Our exclusive Certified Value Diamonds have independent impartial grading and insurance appraisal documents.

Your Diamond will always be accepted at full purchase price on another gemstone of equal additional price.

As the world value of Diamonds escalates, your trade-in value will increase.

Full insurance coverage is available through Jewelers Mutual Company to fully protect your investment.

Interest free payment plans are available.

"The spectacular beauty of a fine Diamond is not the result of a laboratory report.
Rather, the pleasure it creates will be determined by the skill of a dedicated Diamond cutter."

-Michael Parker

"Diamonds as Beautiful as Hawaii"

New Century Diamond
U.S. Patent #414133 September 1999
Registered to Michael Parker, Hawaii

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